Your Transformation Experts.

Founder & Director. Mentor. Technologist.


Melita Francis

I was charmed into the world of media, advertising & digital marketing over 18 years ago.

While working for & with some of the biggest brands & minds in the industry from around the world (REA, Google, DDB, APN) , I learned to embrace tech & nurture the inner entrepreneur.  After moving back home to Brisbane I realised that to break away from the agency model & bring a more personalised approach to Digital Marketing, I’d need to start my own specialised team.

I now use my experiences & expertise to mentor, assist & enable businesses to transform their digital capabilities into our present ‘Digital Age’.

Trivia: to date I’ve traveled 5 continents, 26 countries & 48 cities.  I’ve worked in 5 of these countries.

UX Designer.  DigiGeek.


Linda Luo

I started pushing pixels at the age of 12, building my first website at 14.  I’m fascinated by the way stories are told. When a strong aesthetic appeal meets functional design, the response can be visceral.

As a User Experience Designer, I synthesize information strings to help uncover the gaps in what matters to people.  I use these answers to engineer design focused solutions.

My purpose is to cut through the noise, reflecting a mix of honesty and playfulness; values I believe speak to the core of people-centered design.

Trivia: Loves to travel but is really bad at directions. Is also a classically trained pianist.

Growth Hacker. SEO Guru.

final team profile fe

Fe Mendoza

I’m super-passionate about inbound marketing and SEO.  I use powerful tools  to skyrocket online business growth.

My passion is influencing page rankings to drive a brand’s competitive edge and my journey is to consistently push performance above all competitors.

Trivia: I read over 1000 double-sided pages each 7 day work cycle. I’m a reading machine some say.